Product Range

LG New Build Series


With Solar being so popular ask your builder to include it in your home package - simply add it to your mortgage repayments and wipe a large chunk from your quarterly bills. 

Remember while you use the suns energy during the day, at night time you revert back onto the grid. As with all popular systems any additional energy produced during the day is credited to your account.

LG Residential Series


For existing homes looking to join the solar revolution we bring you our       

 Premium Series 1 & 2 - with a hybrid inverter and optional batteries for all popular single phase homes. 

 Essential Range 1 & 2 - battery ready. 

We also cater for 3 Phase homes and businesses and can be scaled up for applications where more than 5kW is required.

  Builders Choice 1 & 2

We pre-wire new builds and finish the Installation at lock-up stage, this is what we specialise in so if your building give as a call to discuss the right system for your home.

Standard DC Inverter Not Battery Ready

How does the process work


  • We provide: A full assessment of your home's energy needs
  • A comprehensive energy use analysis
  • A report detailing your projected savings with solar
  • Complete processing of all permits and paperwork required to install your system 
  • Guidance on what you have to arrange with your energy provider 
  • An outline of the installation process and timelines
  • An outline of how the warranty works

Battery Options


These days you can have Solar Power generated from panels on your roof which provide you with energy during sunlight hours with any excess going back to the grid while you earn *11.3 cents per kWh credit.  (As of January 2018 this is under review and is expected to change  by mid March - details will follow.)

At night or on days where there is a lot of cloud your system will automatically revert to the grid for the energy you use or you can consider adding a battery which stores the suns energy for use at night. 

At Sunrise Solar Australia we realise that every application can be different and have developed a series of Solar Power Systems for "builders" to include on new builds and a series for general existing residential homes. The Builders "New Builds" range is available with or without a battery however the inverters are battery ready so you can add on a battery in the future. The residential range is available  in Essential, Premium & LG Platinum Series which include battery ready inverter's also suitable for batteries now or in the future.  A battery system will cost you a little more but it gives you some redundancy and will pay for itself over time.  

Single & Three Phase Options


The majority of Australian homes will only require a  single phase inverter and a 3 phase inverter is normally only required on rural properties or where your home has specific needs.

There are countless solar energy sites that cover off the technical explanation on Single vs 3 Phase power however, we prefer to keep it simple and can discuss this with you during our free consultation or site inspection.

In recent times there have been a number of posts on blogs warning consumers about energy providers taking advantage of homes where a 3 Phase inverter has not been configured correctly. This is unlikely to happen if you choose your Professional Solar Installation company wisely.

Take a look at some short videos from Fronius - clearly the world leader in inverter technology.

Understanding Warranty


The good news is that the warranty you receive from your Solar Installer is underwritten by the equipment manufacturers - but is this enough?

These days Solar Panels are very reliable in fact you rarely hear of problems - however what happens if?

As with any product, you have good, better and best, for example LG's family of panels are the best of breed - not only have they been recognised and awarded for their design, reliability and consistency in output, they now offer an industry leading 15 year warranty (normally 10). 

LG's class leading NeON "R" now boasts a 25 year warranty - clearly showing their confidence in design, material selection and manufacturing. You do pay a little  more per kilowatt for LG but you get peace of mind backed by a US$136.7 Billion corporation..