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About LG Solar New Builds

With Solar Power becoming more affordable and power bills continuing to rise – you should show your clients what they will save each month when they include Solar Power with their new home.

By simply adding the cost of the solar power system to their mortgage repayment it will wipe a large chunk from their quarterly power bill.

By paying it off with their mortgage they enjoy the same low interest rate and this means more disposable income to go towards other things in life.

Many families struggle to make ends meet and by doing it this way not only do they immediately save money each month, they have invested in the future and remember LG Electronics offer Australian Backed class leading warranties a 25 year Product Warranty on their Neon 2 R series panels and a 15 year product warranty on the NeON 2 and NeON 2 Black this means your investment will last well into the future.

And when you decide to sell your home, the value of having solar power will add to its value and the warranty is transferable to the new owner.


LG’s builder’s choice series covers applications requiring from:

  • 2kW – 5kW (larger systems  on request)
  • Single Phase Inverters (normal homes)
  • Optional Three Phase Inverters (when required)
  • Battery Ready (can add on a battery now or in the future)
  • Three choices of panels 

LG Solar Panels are then matched to the  home power requirements which we establish with you during our site visit and a review of your power bills and we also help you identify where changing the time of use for appliances will impact your power usage.

Why go with LG solar panels?

LG Solar Panel Choice

LG NeON-2 – Great Visual Appearance


Designed with appearance in mind. Their black Cells, black frames, and thinner wire busbars give an aesthetically pleasing uniform black appearance.

LG NeON 2 Solution

LG NeON-2 Black – Superior Visual Appearance


Designed with superior appearance in mind. Black panels with their Black Cells, Black frames, and black backsheet gives a superior appearance.

LG Neon 2 BLACK Solution

LG NeON-R – Ultimate Visual Appearance


Designed with the ultimate appearance in mind. Their Black Cells, black frames, and no metal solders or wires on the front panel give you a no compromise look and come with a 25 year LG backed Product Warranty. 

LG Neon-R Solution