Things to consider

Not all Solar Power Providers are equal!


    Researching Solar Power can do your head in so it pays to talk with an experienced team who can help you make a decision which is right for your needs and budget. 

Bear in mind the decision may be that in your case Solar Power may not be for you. 

If Solar Power is for you there are many options to suit a family looking to manage bills better, or for builders looking to include Solar Power in their new home offering or for your business. 

When you include Solar Power  with your new or existing home the cost can be included with your bank loan and paid down as part of your mortgage.  

Tread cautiously


With the amount of advertising pushing you to make a quick decision it is easy to get excited but I caution you – don’t react to fast talking advertisements, talk with someone who you feel comfortable with and make sure you ask the right questions. 

Solar with or without batteries - your choice!

 These days you can have Solar Power generated from panels on your roof for your use during sunlight hours with any excess going back to the grid while you earn *11.3 cents per kWh. Then you revert to the grid for the energy you use at night or you can add a battery which stores the suns energy for use at night. Of course a battery system will cost you more but it gives you some redundancy and will pay for itself over time. 

Where do I start?


  It’s very easy, just locate a recent energy bill then call Sunrise Solar on 1300 917 926 for a hassle free chat. 

From here if you are comfortable we will arrange a time to meet and go through your bill to better understand your energy usage patterns. This is key in recommending the right system for your home or business. 

The key message is don’t make a decision until you understand it on your terms and remember in your case Solar Power may not be the answer.