Understanding Batteries

Battery Basics


Recent improvements in battery design and competition have made batteries a lot smaller and more affordable.

One of the leaders in this field is LG Chem, the company leading the world with Solar Panel development and well known in Australia for their range of white and brown goods.

Whether you are still deciding or are ready to proceed, we recommend  working with an LG Solar Specialist who can provide options for your  energy needs. The LG Solar Specialist will look at your specific tariff  structure, demand profile, energy consumption and solar output, which  varies from region to region.   This detailed analysis will  define the viability of a battery solution in your particular situation  and is the most complex and important part of the process. Proper  modelling will ensure good outcomes.  

How it works


If you already have a solar system with a battery ready inverter that is compatible with LG Batteries - its quite a simple process to add one.

In simple terms, without a battery you can only power your home or business when the sun shines (clouds will have an effect on this). In the winter you will produce less energy from the sun and be more reliant on the grid and in the summer you will produce more energy and be less reliant on the grid. 

Throughout the year during the night or on cloudy days you will automatically switch back onto the grid and be charged for what you use. Any excess energy your system produces will go back to the grid and you will be credited 11.3 cents per kWh (Kilowatt Hour)

Solar + Batteries + Car Charger


The scenario completely changes when you add a battery. Now any energy you don't use (during the day) is used to charge up your battery and at night or when it is cloudy (Panels are less efficient on a cloudy day) the energy stored in the batteries powers your home.

Of course there is not an unlimited supply of energy in your battery and from time to time (especially in winter) you will still need to take some energy from the grid - but this happens automatically and yes any excess energy you don't use still gets credited to your power account.

You can minimise what you use off the grid by making sure your system fits your needs and that during the day you program your dishwasher, pool pumps etc to run when the sun is out.

It all sounds complicated but that's why choosing someone like Sunrise Solar can do all the work for you.