What should we ask?


What information should I provide when looking for a Solar Power quote? 

  • Make sure you have a recent energy bill 
  • If possible make a list of the kWh power consumption for appliances. Most modern appliances have a star rating label that includes their kW usage per year. 
  • If possible make a note of additional equipment such as a swimming pool or spa, air conditioning etc. 

Example questions you should ask when looking for a Solar Power quote? 

  • Ask them what experience do the management team have in the industry? 
  • Do they use a CEC Accredited Designer/Installer?
  • Do they have a key reference site you can visit? 
  • Are their suppliers recognised as leaders in their space? 
  • Do they have signed agreements with their suppliers for the supply and warranty of equipment? 
  • What warranties do they provide and do they include labour if a panel needs replacing on the roof? 
  • What deposit is required? After paying the deposit when will the installation take place 
  • How long will it take 
  • Is the site inspected by an approved inspector?   
  • Do you need to arrange anything with your energy supplier?  
  • Remember at the end of the day - Solar Power might not be right for you!

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What's involved to design and specify my solar system?  

Make sure your system is designed/installed by a CEC Accredited Designer/Installer who abides by the regulations and standards set by the CEC.

The following elements are considered when designing a solar system:  

  • a.  The available roof space and optimum panel location to install the system 
  • b.  The orientation and pitch of the roof(s)  
  • c.  Impact of shading across all seasons and time of day 
  • d.  The structural soundness of the roof area to support the weight of panel and racking weight. 
  • e.  Sizing the strings of panels for the correct voltage of the inverter.
  • f.   Ensure the design meets building codes and electrical standards.
  • g.  Determining the most suitable location for the inverter and the way the cables are run. 
  • h.  Considering appropriate monitor options.