Most Livable city


We all know that in Melbourne we can have all the seasons in one day but what a great environment to bring up a family not to mention the number of times we have won the most livable city award. 

And did you know they are predicting we will outgrow Sydney in 20 years?

A correctly scaled solar power solution will cut a big slice out of your electricity bills, in fact when you choose to install a battery with your system you can

 save up to 70%.

If you have decided to investigate installing Solar Power on your home or business tread cautiously  - don't believe everything you see or read. And bear in mind Solar may not be for you!

Get your power bills under control


Solar Power can be confusing, the technical terms can be a challenge and this is why you need to partner with a Solar Power Professional you are comfortable with. 

We all have different skill sets and knowledge bases. Some of us are more technical than others and like to learn as much about, solar panels, inverters and batteries as possible, others just want someone professional that they can trust to do all the hard work for them.

The majority of Australian homes will require between a 3kW & 5kW Solar Power System.

A correctly sized Solar Power System (without batteries) will generate power for your home when the sun is out, on a cloudy day they will generate less. At night time or on a cloudy day your system will automatically switch over to the grid and power your home from your electricity provider - you will pay for what you use.

How does solar power work?


Solar Power systems are made up of panels and an inverter to generate electricity for your home. 

During the day, Solar Panels on your roof capture photons from sunlight. The silicon and conductors in the panels then turn this into energy, which is sent to an inverter to convert into electricity your home can use. If your home doesn’t use all the power generated, it is sent to the electricity grid, or can be stored in a battery system for use at other times. 

While generally all Solar Panels work in the same way, there are different types of Single Phase (normal households)     or 3 Phase inverters to consider. Our systems can come with either a micro-inverter or a string inverter or a battery ready inverter.                                                  We can help you understand the  difference, so you can choose the right one for your home.  

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