builders choice range - introduction

Solar Ideas

Builders Range - Get off to a good start!

The builders Choice Series 1 & 2 offers a budget solution designed to be included with your mortgage repayments when you buy your home. This is an excellent way to spread the cost of the equipment over the life of the mortgage and save thousands of dollars on energy bills for the years ahead.

We offer two  options  using either Eging 300 watt Mono-crystalline solar panels with a SAJ 5kW String inverter OR - ET 300 watt Mono-crystalline solar panels with a KSTAR 5kW Inverter. Each system is engineered to Australian Standards and to suit your energy requirements. 5kW + systems with Batteries and Vehicle Charging options are available through our Builders Choice ,Essential and Premium Series.

Solar Diagram how solar works

Do you know how Solar Energy works?

When the sun is out, energy collected by the solar panels also called PV (photo voltaic)  is converted into DC (direct current) and through an inverter converted from DC to AC (alternating current) which is used to power your home. During the night or on a cloudy day your energy requirements are provided from the grid (your electricity provider). During the day any excess power not used by your home is sent back to the grid and you receive a credit. In Victoria the minimum credit you are entitled too is 11.3 cents per kWh (kilowatt hour).

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Whats do we need to know?

After we discuss your needs and review a recent power bill we will provide a quotation which covers all the inclusions, how much it will cost, what you have to do, when we will carry out the installation and how the warranty works.  Once a deposit has been paid our CEC certified installation manager will be in contact to discuss your installation and to guide you through the process and to answer any questions you may have.

If you are planning to build or have decided to consider Solar Energy on your existing home or buisness - Don't ask for Solar Energy - insist on it!

And remember to call Sunrise Solar on 1300 917 926 to learn more and to make sure that Solar Power is right for you.