Understanding Solar Power


Solar Power systems are made up of panels and an inverter to generate electricity for your home. During the day, Solar Panels on your roof capture photons from sunlight. The silicon and conductors in the panels then turn this into energy, which is sent to an inverter to convert into electricity your home can use. If your home doesn’t use all the power generated, it is sent to the electricity grid, and in Victoria you are credited 11.4 cents for every kWh you send back. Alternatively the excess energy can be stored in a battery system for use at other times.

While generally all Solar Panels work in the same way, there are many brands offering differing levels of output, quality, reliability and warranty. Leading the pack is LG offering a minimum warranty of 15/25 years on their  NeON 2 series and 25/25 years for their "NeoN R series" 

The same goes for inverters were you can get Single Phase (normal households) or 3 Phase models.

Sunrise Solar offer systems with either  conventional string inverters, micro-inverters,  battery ready models (hybrid) or the full monty -  including a battery  We can help you understand  the  difference, so you can choose the right one for your home.  

Is Solar Power right for you?


Just because friends have put Solar Power on their homes or business does not mean it is right for you.

What is important is that you have a clear understanding of how it will effect your electricity bills - after all if you are like most families next to your mortgage utility bills are a good chunk of your yearly bills.

So what we have to do is analise your electricity bills, do a simple electrical and physical audit of your home (just to make sure ) and compare the results against the cost of the solar investment.

To-date the majority of households have installed solar power without batteries and in many cases to add a battery in the future they may have to change their inverter. If you are planning on installing a battery (so you can use your own energy at night) in the future, you will need to install a battery ready inverter. solar installation Melbourne solar energy Cranbourne Officer

Strong supplier partnerships


With home entertainment and appliances we all have a good idea of who the best brands are however, with Solar Power Systems it can look like a mine field. 

  • Which brand of solar panel?
  • Which brand of inverter?
  • Which brand of battery?
  • Is the installer CEC accredited? 

It goes on and then there is the, warranties and do you know what your responsibilities are with your electricity provider?

The good news is that we have done all the work for you, we only partner with Tier 1 suppliers who are respected as class leading with quality, efficiency, warranty and reliability. Our installers are CEC Accredited and only use materials that conform to Australian Standards.

Class leading brands such as LG are well known and respected while others - you may never of heard of - so let us do the work for you.

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